More Gold! More Gold!

All the goldbugs out there know there’s no such thing as holding too much gold in one’s portfolio. So I was delighted to learn last week that I’d won a Gold award from the North American Travel Journalists Association in the Culinary Travel category for my “Canada’s Best New Restaurants” writing in enRoute magazine.

The NATJA’s awards program is in its 27th year, which is too old for an aged steak but not old enough for port if you follow my house rule: port should always be older than the person drinking it. I brought home a Silver award for “Canada’s Best New Restaurants” in this same competition back in 2014, so it only took five years of alchemical experimentation for me to convert that Silver to Gold. Also I think I might have lead poisoning …

Check out the full list of winners here:

This year’s honorees will be showcased at the NATJA awards dinner next month in Los Angeles. But why would I trek all that way to eat dinner when I’ve already mastered the field of culinary travel? Nice try, NATJA. I eat logical paradoxes for breakfast.