Defending my NMA title

At a ceremony last night in Toronto, I won a National Magazine Award for my "Canada's Best New Restaurants" feature. The Gold award came in "Service Journalism," which was a new amalgamation of several previous categories, including the "Service: Lifestyle" bucket that I won the Gold award for in last year. 

It was the 40th anniversary of the NMAF awards, with a bevy of changes to the program. They tried to throw more competitors into my Battle Royale, but I was too strong to be denied. Must've been all that meat I ate on the road ...  

I got the news of this huge honor via Twitter while standing outside the Orpheum Theater on Market Street in San Francisco, waiting to watch a musical. It was my second time seeing "Hamilton" during the show's SF run, and I couldn't have been more pumped. As the boys sing, "Immigrants, we get the job done."

Here's a full list of this year's winners.