L.A. stories

A few weeks ago I hopped down the California coast to Los Angeles to research two stories.

The first appeared last weekend in the Globe and Mail's Drive section. I test-drove the new 2016 Mercedes-Maybach ... by which I mean I rode in the luxurious back seat. See, the Maybach has been designed with the backseat rider in mind. In other words, if you find yourself sitting behind the wheel, you're not a car-owner – you're the chauffeur:


My second dispatch was the kind of L.A. Story that Steve Martin could get behind. I went and saw a bunch of movies. But there were no multiplexes on the itinerary – I stuck to single-screen theaters from Tinseltown's golden age. I even managed to catch some pretty good flicks along the way, including Oscar nominees Selma, Force Majeure, Song of the Sea ... and a double-feature of Shaw Bros kung fu B-movies at Quentin Tarantino's New Beverly:


Fun fact: Los Angeles is actually Spanish for "The Angeles."