I'm a Canadian-born writer and a bit of an aesthete. Specifically, I have a weakness for nice things that you can eat, or drink, or visit, or shelter within. I write about food and wine and architecture and design and travel and culture. My stories have appeared in such publications as enRoute, Wine & Spirits, the Globe and Mail, Bloomberg Businessweek, Departures, Azure, Fairmont, Canadian Business, Chatelaine, the Walrus, and Reader's Digest. My original eBook An Inconvenient Fruit, the true story of a passionate group of winemakers who struggle to outrun an unstoppable vine killer called phylloxera, was published in October 2014 by CWG. 

I also write about sports, even though being a sports fan is often unpleasant and especially so when you're trapped rooting for the lousy goon squads that routinely break my heart.

I grew up in British Columbia and shipped east to study the History of Science at Harvard, where I wrote a thesis about the physics and mathematics of the musical octave during the era of Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier. I've since lived and worked (and DJ'd) in Chicago, Toronto, Paris, Johannesburg, Boston, and Washington, D.C. – like the Beach Boys, I get around. And in keeping with the Beach Boys parallels, I currently make my home in sunny California. 

I'm a contributing editor at Azure, the Toronto-based magazine of architecture and design. I also write the Canada's Best New Restaurants feature for enRoute, Air Canada's in-flight mag, which requires that I dine out often and in strict anonymity. Yes, fake names and everything – it's the least suspenseful, most fattening John le Carré novel ever written. 

More bona fides: I'm a sommelier (certified by the Court of Master Sommeliers) and a member of the AIPS (International Sports Press Association). So if you're considering launching a new sport called Barolo Ball, please let me know about it via my contact page – I'll grab my notebook and a corkscrew and some shin guards and be right there. Note to editors: I travel light and on short notice.

I'm represented in Canada by Derek Finkle of the Canadian Writers Group, a Toronto-based agency for freelance journalists. For a list of publications and clients and all that manner of CV jazz, see my CWG profile page or LinkedIn.

And since it doesn't quite go without saying: follow me on Twitter. It'll be fun, I promise.